Vegan Food


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On Friday my parents and I came to eat out at Souplantation for the LEO Club fundraiser and I gotta say it was so frustrating to be satisfied. There was literally no meat at this place. Souplantaion consisted of mostly salad, pasta, soup, bread and some fruit. I like how the fruits and veggies were organic but it was ridiculous how there was no meat at all. I mean, the food is good but it was so annoying to not eat any meat. The closest thing they had that was meat was chicken soup. I wasn’t a big fan of chicken soup so I didn’t eat it. The clam chowder however, was amazing. All I ate there was pretty much alfredo linguine, mac and cheese, and clam chowder. I don’t know how vegans can do this. I can barely even last a single meal without eating any meat.


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