Bell Game


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The Bell Game is one of the best things about going to Fountain Valley High School. It’s an annual tradition where we play our rival school Edison for the Bell. What makes the Bell Game so special is that it creates so much fun and school spirit. For example on Bell Week, FVHS Senate and ASB hang up posters all over the school to hype up the students. We also have dress up days where we dress up as certain attire for each day. Everyone’s favorite day to dress up is Edison Nerd Day where we dress up as Edison nerds. What I really hate about the Bell Game however is that Edison always win every year. We get so hyped up but end up losing. This year’s Bell Game was a perfect example of how we got crushed. After the first quarter was over, the score was already Edison 28 – 0. On the bright side however was that our student section was way better than Edison’s. Our loud crowd is so much bigger and louder and we have awesome cheers and play lit music. The ending result of the game was not as bad as I expected. We lost 56 – 12 but at least our Barons put up points on the scoreboard. Even though our Barons still lost, they still tried really hard to win it for our school. All in all, the Bell Game was very fun and maybe we can win next year.


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