Photo by Ezra Shaw, Getty Images

On Friday when I watched the Lakers play against the Golden State Warriors, I was so excited and pumped that the Lakers won the game. I can’t believe they just beat the Warriors by 20 POINTS. The Warriors are super stacked after acquiring Kevin Durant over the summer. Before Durant, the Warriors were already stacked with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green, but now they have Kevin Durant, who is also a MVP candidate like Steph Curry. Everybody assumes the Warriors are gonna be champions this year but that is questioned after the game on friday. Throughout the whole game, the Lakers were able to hold the Warriors down by around 10 to 20 points. Seeing my favorite team play so well and the Warriors looking salty made me so happy. Lou Williams and Julius Randle played amazing. It was also great seeing Nick Young get serious and start playing better. what I really love is how much chemistry the Lakers gave together and how much potential they can get in the future. They had a really bad season last year but this year they have significantly improved after getting Luke Walton as their new coach. They also stopped worrying about Kobe and started focusing on the young players. They might not make the playoffs this year but they are significantly improving and that’s what really matters for the future.


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