The Horror in the Ocean


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The scariest thing in the ocean is not the sharks or the giant squids. The scariest thing in the ocean is the amount of pollution that humans have caused. Pollution is very harmful to the marine ecosystem because it harms the wildlife and damages the environment. Pollution has been a problem for many years and the amount of pollution is rapidly growing every day.

There are many types of pollutants in the ocean that have a devastating affect on the ocean environment. These pollutants include garbage, plastic, oil, sewage, and man-made chemicals. Garbage and plastic get into the ocean when they get littered on the streets and fall into the sewage drain that leads to the ocean. Plastic and garbage debris are very threatening to wildlife because animals can eat it thinking it is food and die from suffocation. Oil breaches the ocean when oil tanker ships spill oil into the ocean. Oil is a very big problem for wildlife because it poisons the fish and suffocates birds. Chemicals usually enter the ocean through sewage drains. Chemicals that enter the ocean poison the water and the animals. All of these pollutants are caused by humans and we need to put an end to our carelessness for the ocean before it is too late.


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This is a problem that baffles my mind because it is so preventable but not many people are taking action. It breaks my heart when I see pictures of marine animals suffering because of all the garbage that harms them. It is also very terrifying that so much pollution is getting into the ocean each day. According to EcoWatch, about 10 tons on plastic and garbage are dumped into the ocean everyday in the Los Angeles area alone. There is even a floating garbage patch the size of Texas drifting around the ocean every day, collecting even more garbage as time goes on.  The best thing we can do to reduce pollution is to reduce, reuse, and recycle plastic, clean up garbage on the beaches, only pour safe substances down the drain, and be very careful with our oil supply. With everyone´s help we can make a difference and stop pollution from taking over our ocean.


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