Photo taken by myself

Today my school club volunteered assembling Easter Eggs at the Fountain Valley Recreation Center again and this time we had much more success than last time. Fountain Valley Kiwins and Laquinta Kiwins were also there with us. In the last 30 minutes of our shift, I saw Kiwins cleaning up and chilling around, getting ready to leave. In our box of egg cartridges, I saw there were two bags left and I was contemplating about whether or not we should open the bags and finish filling up the eggs with candy. Then I said ¨Screw it let´s do this.¨ and I called all of our club members to gather at our table and finish the last two bags. To my surprise, we ended up finishing the last two bags in under 10 minutes. To show their appreciation for our work, the recreation center staff members bought us pizza and we all celebrated our hard work. This reminded me of the preacher Jim Casy in the book Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck because he was preaching about how if everyone were to get together, they could accomplish their goals. Like in Chapter 26 on page 382 he says, ¨And we all got on the same tone, and I tell ya, it just seemed like that tank bulged and give and swelled up. By God! Then something happened! They come running, and they give us some other stuff to eat.¨ With teamwork, our club was able to finish the job and proudly represent our name.


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