Food Waste in America


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After watching a video on the Los Angeles Times about food waste in America, I was shocked at how much food is thrown away each year. The video stated that the state laws are at fault because of the expiration date system. The best by date on each food product confuses consumers because it makes them believe that the date labeled on there is the date that the food expires. There is really no way we can determine when food expires so the state laws issue a labeled expiration date that is actually a lot earlier than the actual expiration date to keep consumers safe. This law is very bad because it causes millions of pounds of foods to be thrown away. What really bothers me is that grocery stores just throw away the foods that have gone past the expiration date instead of giving it to the poor and the hungry. There are thousands of hungry homeless people in America and here we are just throwing food away just because of a stupid date. It made me cringe so much when I saw the store manager pour gallons of milk down the drain. There are lots of things in our society that are just super messed up. No wonder other countries think we are stupid.


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