Easter Eggs

FullSizeRender (2)

Image by myself

Today my school club California Scholarship Federation volunteered at the Fountain Valley Recreation Center by filling up Easter eggs with candy. ASB and Kiwins were also there to help out. We did this by having an assembly line where the first section fill up the egg and closes it while the second section seals the egg with a sticker and tosses it in a huge box for collection. The job was so simple but so hard. The eggs where so hard to close because the top and bottom halves were almost exactly the same size. Every time we pushed in on one side, another side of the egg would pop out. We did this for four hours and by the time we were done, our fingers were completely red from pushing so hard on the eggs. We were supposed to have about 9,000 eggs done, but from out estimate we probably only completed around a thousand. We´re also supposed to do this again next week but I definitely would not do this again.


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