Wages Rise for Farming


Image by Gary Coronado Los Angeles Times

In an article about farming on Los Angeles Times, I learned that a man named Arnulfo Solorio is trying to recruit over a 100 workers to work on his grape vineyard at Napa Valley before April 1st. His company, Silverado Farming, is facing a shortage of workers due to the immigrant workers being hunted down and deported. Solorio went as far as traveling down to Stockton in Central Valley to recruit workers. He went to taco trucks, restaurants, and homeless camps to look for workers. Silverado Farming increased the wages, but still, Americans do not want the job. I think our social economy contrasts with the economy in the book Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck because in the book so many people were desperate to find jobs and work for low wages but now the wages increase and people still don’t want to work on farms. I think it shows how Americans today have become arrogant and cocky. I also don’t understand why they don’t want jobs when they are angry that immigrants take their jobs. Like you vote for Trump to deport immigrants because they take your jobs but you don’t want the job?


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