Zines and Teen Rebellion


Photo by Adam Void on viralart.vandalog.com

Zines are mini magazines that show the author´s message or thoughts or beliefs on a certain topic. Zines can be printed, hand drawn, or even crafted out of magazine or newspaper scraps and can be very creative with different styles of text of images. There are many different ways zines are created and designed. There are no rules or no format on how to make a zine, it all comes from the author´s mind and perspective. Zines sometimes reveal a problem in society that not many people know about. The authors create the zines to explain the problems with art and information and what people should do to fix the problem. For example, zines are used for teen rebellions and reflect on the life teenagers to show adults that they do not understand their problems. What I really like about zines are that they can be created in any way possible and that they show the perspective of the author. It is like a book we can write except we can do anything we want.


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