SQUID Refection




Most of the blogs that I have written are mostly about things I like such as AMC’s The Walking Dead, sports, and food. School is only on the list because it is mostly rants. Society is also on the list because some of my blogs I have written about are when I get into critical thinking about life and how society works. The type of categories that I have written a lot about are delight, investigate, and despise. My posts about delight are usually like my journal entries where I see or experience something throughout my day and I talk about it in my posts. My posts about investigate are usually about topics that I have thought deeply about and focuses on my curiosity. And finally the worst, my posts about despise are things that irritate me and makes me rant about them.

I do not notice much patterns in my blog posts but I do notice that most of my posts are about things that I like and things that are happening in my life. For example, I wrote about school events like homecoming, the glow show, the bell game, a school play, and the gun scare at the dance. I also wrote about political or social things like the election, homeless people in the streets, and the North Dakota pipeline protest. The things that I like and write about a lot are about basketball, The Walking Dead,. and food.

The topic that I return again and again are about The Walking Dead. I always return to this topic because it is my favorite TV show and is one of my most favorite things to talk about. In the first article I wrote about the Walking Dead, I wrote about how much I love it because of the acting, the plot, the special effects, and the emotional feeling that it conveys on the audience. I talked about how I liked the zombies are played by real people in costumes and makeup, the interesting storyline that keeps reeling me in, and Andrew Lincoln’s outstanding performance as Rick Grimes. In the second article, I talked about my despair for the show after seeing Glenn and Abraham die at the hands of Negan. I was so shocked and heartbroken that I just had to write an article about that event. In my latest article about the Walking Dead, I talked about how I was excited for the second half of the season to start and what I’m wondering about the plot.

The SQUID elements that I return to again and again are mostly Delight and Investigate. Like I said before, my delight posts are about things that I like and things that make me happy like The Walking Dead and Food. My investigate posts are about topics that I find interesting, confusing, or curious. I guess I always return to these topics because they are always on my mind and they are just easy to write about. They are also very interesting to me and as a writer for these blogs, the topics that I write about reveal my personality and style of character. Some of my delight topics include my articles about cookies, Lakers beating the Warriors, a gum commercial, school events, and of course, The Walking Dead. Some of my investigate topics are about a science essay prompt, a trailer about the upcoming movie Logan, a quote from Batman Begins, a poem, fake news, and real news.


The article that I want to expand on is Play. I wrote Play because I watched the Ted Talks video with Peter Gray and his speech about the importance of play among children and teenagers. My investigation on his speech has always interested me so I would like to expand on my article about it more. After watching the Ted Talks video again, I am able to expand more on Peter Gray’s views about play. First he introduces play by saying that animals play for their exercise, their learning for survival, and their social habits. He also includes a research study where researchers deprived animals from their play to see how they act. The result was that the animals were very scared when they first came into contact with each other. This showed that animals who played when they were young are more socially adapted to each other.

Another research was done on children from hunter-gatherer tribal people who remain isolated from the rest of society in the wild. They noticed that the children from these tribes were very happy and new how to survive on their own in the wild. He then moves over to the important part about play which is the decline. He said that in the past 50 years, there has been a decline in children’s happiness and freedom. Peter Gray also included his life during childhood where kids at his school had so much time to play and had very little homework. He said play nowadays is based on sports where children have to listen to adult coaches and are being watched by their parents on the sidelines. He did not consider this as play because the children are not controlling their play.

Peter Gray then reveals that school is the main problem why play is declining. It turns out that when children are not playing often, depression and anxiety increases while creative thinking decreases. Also for some reason, narcissism increases. Children today are less happy than they were in the 1950s because they do not get to play a lot and always have to stress out about school. Suicide rate has also gone up among teenagers and young adults. He mainly focuses on the fact that children feel that they do not control over their own lives. One thing he said that really caught my attention was that children today are more depressed than they were in the Great Depression and are more anxious than they were in the Cold War. Peter Gray’s speech is one of the most interesting topics I have ever heard because it relates to much in my life. As a kid, I was always happy because I got to play a lot but not, I am always stressed about school. I am anxious to keep good grades because I am always pressured to go to a good college and get a good job. I really hope other people see this Ted Talks video and spread this idea that children need to play and ease off of school.



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