Walking Dead Season 7 Recap (Publication)


Image from denofgeek.com

The second half of the seventh season of the Walking Dead starts today and I just want to recap about what has happened in this grim season. The season starts off with Negan brutally murdering Abraham and Glenn and then taking Daryl while the Saviors take control of Rick´s group and the Alexandrians. So the Saviors terrorize other survivor groups by taking their supplies and killing anyone who try to fight back. Other survivor groups that have also been taken over by the Saviors are the Kingdom and the Hilltop Colony. In the events of season 7, the Saviors take most of the supplies from the Alexandrians and take all of their weapons. Daryl escapes from the Saviors with the help of an unknown person. Spencer, with his hatred towards Rick, asks Negan to kill him for him so then he can take control of the Alexandia Safe Zone. Negan, upset that Spencer is a snake, kills him and Rosita, Spencer´s ex lover takes a shot at Negan. Angry, Negan threatens to kill people if they don´t tell him who made the bullet. Rick, who can´t take it anymore, devises a plan to unite with the Kingdom and the Hilltop Colony and stand up against the Saviors.  The ratings for his season had apparently dropped after the season premiere. Fans were most likely upset about Glenn´s death and how the Saviors terrorize the protagonists. I for one thought this season was a great season because it brought so many emotions and made the storyline more interesting. I cannot wait to see what Rick has in store for the Saviors with the second half of the season.


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