Friday Night Ruined


Photo by Steve Phan from

Last Friday night I was ready to party with my friends at the Pack the Gym dance right after the boys varsity basketball game against Huntington Beach. So after the game in which we only lost by thirty points, all the students who were going to the dance had to clear the gym and line up outside the cafeteria to check in. After the everyone had finally checked into the cafeteria, we were ordered to sit down and wait for further instructions. Then, principal Dr. Morgan Smith walked in with a stern look on his face and told us that something terrible happened. A boy had brought a fake gun to the dance and revealed it after the game while the gym was getting cleaned up for the dance. The boy was eventually caught and police arrived to arrest him. Then, Dr. Morgan Smith told us the dance is cancelled for safety and that we have to go home. I was so mad because I was so ready to party and I wasted two hours watching a boring basketball game. I don´t know what the heck the kid was thinking but he sure pissed everyone off.


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