Symbiotic Relationship


When I went to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach today, our tour guide showed us the fish and how they interacted. In this picture that I took, the smaller fish at the bottom is cleaning the underside of the bigger fish by eating the dirt off of it. This is called a symbiotic relationship where both animals benefit each other. The big fish is getting cleaned while the small fish gets to eat. In our discussion about gender roles in The Great Gatsby, we talked about how men and women are not equal. I believe that a man and a woman must be equal like a symbiotic relationship where they are both happy. Kind of like friends with benefits.


One thought on “Symbiotic Relationship

  1. I don’t think friends with benefits is a symbiotic relationship because one party usually gets hurt, but other than that I agree with everything you’ve discussed! It was a very creative connection!


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