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It´s the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas is in two weeks and I am not too excited. Christmas has been known to be everyone´s favorite time of the year due to it´s ¨magic¨ and ¨joy¨. When I was younger, I loved Christmas just because I got presents. Yes, I am guilty of being that person who likes Christmas only because of the presents. It is sad to say this, but now that I am older, I feel like Christmas is not magical anymore. It seems like nobody has pure Christmas spirit like in the movies. I actually believed in Santa when I was younger and was very disappointed when he never came in all my 16 years. And now that I am older, I don´t get as much presents compared to my youth. But I know the economy is very harsh right now so I do appreciate what I get. The thing that mostly bothers me about Christmas is that there is no snow in California. It´s the thing that never gets me in the Christmas mood. I never got to build a snowman, I never got to have snowball fights with my friends, and I never experienced the joy of falling snow. And to make matters worse, my teachers are probably going to pull a low blow and assign homework over winter break. Christmas is ruined.


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