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When I saw my school´s adaptation of Hamlet by William Shakespeare yesterday, I thought it was pretty decent. I am not too familiar with this play but I do know that it it similar to the Lion King. All I know was that it was about some guy named Hamlet who sought out to get revenge on his uncle who murdered his father and married his mother to become king. Throughout the play, I was very confused at what was happening because I do not understand Shakespeare´s use of words and phrases. Apart from the story, I was impressed with the acting by the cast. I can tell that they have put a lot of effort into it. They did mess up on some lines but I know its extremely difficult to memorize Shakespeare´s language. I thought Mackenzie Kohanek did an outstanding job playing as Hamlet. She was very charismatic and passionate about performing. Kaella Cummings also did a very good job playing as Ophelia, Hamlet´s lover. She showed a lot of emotion and was often very dramatic at times. The ending of the play was very confusing. Everyone just died and then the ambassadors of England and Denmark just addressed the remaining characters. Overall, I thought the play was put together very well and I would definitely go see the next play that FVHS Theatre is going to show.


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