Image from the Washington Post

Today when I was practicing driving with my dad, I saw numerous homeless people while I was driving around the city. I wanted to give them some money but my dad told me they would use that money to buy drugs or alcohol. I know not all homeless people have an addiction, but I am just so upset seeing people who do not have a family or a place to live. Maybe they have another problem like they were cheated of their money, or they suffer from depression. What upsets me the most is that most homeless people are veterans who served for our country. It is ridiculous how men and women who risked their lives for us are left to die on the streets sick and poor. The economy has not been doing well and the homeless population still has not improved like Obama had promised us 8 years ago. I really hope Donald Trump lives up to his goals to rebuild our economy and fix our homeless problem. I cannot stand to see another person living in depression and poverty.


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