T0 converse with the greats



When I read the poem ¨To converse with the greats¨ by Vera Pavlova, I did not exactly understand what is going on or what is the meaning of the poem. But what I kind of interpreted was that history or stories were being retold in a way that shows propaganda or something. The line ¨by trying their blindfolds on¨ relates to how people are blind and cannot see the truth. I think it means that people are too blind to see the real propaganda behind a society or government. The lines ¨to correspond with books by rewriting them¨ and ¨to edit holy edicts¨ shows how books and documents are being rewritten to cover up or destroy old history. This reminds me of Nazi Germany´s purge of art and religion how they destroyed anything that opposed their Nazi beliefs. The last line ¨in the solitary confinement of the universe¨ made me think that people are trapped by society. This poem was very confusing and I did not quite understand it but based on my knowledge, it means that society is corrupt and full of propaganda.


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