The Loser of the Election


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When I read Mickey Edwards’ article called “The country needs a grateful loser in this election. The future of American democracy depends on it.”, there were a lot of things that stood out to me. Last Wednesday, Donald Trump had defeated Hillary Clinton to become the president-elect of the United States. Half of America were sad or angry and the other half were happy. The article was written before the election results came in but there were major points that really made sense to me. The article states that no matter who wins, the loser must accept defeat and cooperate to help America become a better country. Not only does the loser have to help but also the supporters of the loser has to help as well. If our country remains divided because of this election then there will be no more America. America must be a unified nation and it starts by being peaceful and accepting other people’s opinions and values. One quote from this article that summed up the reasoning is “this is not about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton; this is about the future of American constitutional democracy and the obligation to protect it rests on both candidates, win or lose.” I really like that quote because it is the truth. I really hope all the hate and violence disappear in America. If that doesn’t happen, then there really is no hope for us. 


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