A Sad Time for Walking Dead Fans


Image by Rod Lopez from This and That: Lost and The Walking Dead


When I saw the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead I was completely traumatized and in shock. I have never seen an episode so brutal and messed up. So at the season 6 finale, we see Rick’s gang captured by Negan and the Saviors. Negan was angry that Rick and his group killed a handful of his men and was going to punish them by killing one of them with his bat wrapped in barbed wire named Lucille. Negan had them all lined up and was playing Eeny Meeny to choose who to kill. At the end Negan chooses an unidentified character and was bashing their head with the camera focused on the point of view of the victim to leave a cliff hanger. After about 7 long months of waiting for the season 7 premiere, everyone was eagerly trying to find out who Negan had killed. There was a debate between either Glenn or Abraham. So at the season 7 premiere, Negan ended up choosing Abraham, which was what I expected. I was sad because I kind of liked Abraham but I had a feeling it was going to be him. All of a sudden, Daryl gets mad and punches Negan in the face. I was so scared that Negan was going to kill Daryl for doing that. And then out of nowhere, Negan kills Glenn because of Daryl’s foolish mistake to punch Negan. So the creators of The Walking Dead just trolled us and ended up killing both Glenn and Abraham. They died in such a horrible way I felt so traumatized and depressed. It’s so sad because Glenn was there since the first episode of season 1. From now on when I watch the Walking Dead I can’t help but be sad knowing that Glenn isn’t here anymore.


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