Why Do We Fall?


Image from Escape Matter by Simranjeet Singh

In the movie Batman Begins, there was one quote that I remember that caught my attention. So in the movie, Batman, also known as Bruce Wayne, had a flashback of when he fell down a well when he was a little boy. Once he fell down, a swarm of bats attacked him and he cried for help. His father Thomas Wayne, lowered himself down a rope into the well and rescued Bruce. As he is carrying his son back into their mansion, Thomas says to Bruce, “Why do we fall, Bruce? So we can to pick ourselves up.” Since then, Bruce always had a fear of bats until he put on the cape and cowl to become the Batman. What I really love about this quote is that it is really motivational and reminds you to never give up despite how bad things are going in in your life. A couple months ago, I was feeling really depressed and I felt like my life was going downhill until I watched Batman Begins again and got back on my feet. I put myself into Bruce Wayne’s shoes and imagined my father telling me that I fall so then I can learn to pick myself up. What I learned is that whenever you feel stuck or hopeless, just remember that it is up to you to make your life better.


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