The Homecoming I Regret Not Going To


Photo by Jesse Paul

So homecoming just happened yesterday and I regret not going. Initially I was planning to go to homecoming with my girl best friend who I am really close to but that didn’t happen. So as back up, I planned to go with my buddies but that didn’t happen either. I really wanted to ask my girl friend to homecoming but she couldn’t go because her parents didn’t let her. I just don’t understand. It’s freaking high school she deserves to go because high school only happens once. I just have no more respect for her parents. I’m just so done. I know I sound like a jerk but when you are in my position you would be just as mad as I am. I didn’t want to ask another girl because then my girl friend would be hurt. So then I asked my buddies to go with me as a squad but then they didn’t want to go because they thought it was “too expensive”. Like what the ****? This whole homecoming week I was just so mad and so annoyed of people.

So to ease my stress I decided to have like an anti-homecoming with my buddies and hang out at Bella Terra. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and then watched Sully at the movies. Even though I had fun with my buddies I am still depressed that I didn’t go to homecoming. I see everyone on Snapchat with their stories about how “lit” homecoming is and how much fun they are having. I should’ve jsut gone by myself. Who cares if I’m alone I can just hook up with my other friends at the dance who are with their groups. I really missed out on a great opportunity to live the high school dream and my last chance to live that moment is next year which is senior year. My advice for any high school students or any students preparing for high school is that you should always go to high school events like prom or homecoming. This only happens once so do not miss out on that experience. Don’t be like me because you are going to regret it.


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